You are now entering Cutie Factory Shop


Youchien the Cashier: hello welcome to Cutie Factory! A boutique for graalian beauty!
Youchien drags you inside the shop before you even reply

Youchien the Cashier:Here is the map of the shop and here is the list of what we sell! Tell me where you want to go and ill take you there!

Youchien stares at you -what do you want to ask Youchien?
just looking around ^^
im here for Girl heads please!
you have any Boy heads?
do you have dolls in this shop?
im looking for bodies ^^
hmmm i want to make a cute head of my own…
this shop sucks, is there any other better shops i can go to?
i heard there are hats in this shop…
how do you do all of this?
-you look in a direction which caught your eye- OMG LOOK AT THAT! ITS ALMOST SOLD OUT!
home depot yo!

Official Cutie Factory Shop

Minecraft Skins

Yaoi Mangas

Later that night…

Youchien the Cashier: baibai! Thanks for shopping at Cutie Factory!

~good night~


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